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The core plugin for ItalyStrap Theme Framework now has a new name: “Advanced Control Manager for WordPress plugin by ItalyStrap” now you can migrate to the new plugin.

At the beginning I made a mistake calling it as the theme framework, ItalyStrap, it was confusing saying someone to install ItalyStrap plugin, the answer often was “is it the plugin or the theme?

Another issue was the github repository, you can’t have 2 repo with the same slug, obviously :-). So, I’ve made a decision, I do a rebranding of the plugin name. With a little brainstorming I choose Advanced Control Manager because this name can explain better what the plugin does. ACM is like an audio mixer, it controls the behaviour of the features included in the plugin and in the theme framework, it is like Jetpack by Auttomatic does, it is a container of many functionalities but you can choose what functionality will be loaded, the performance are my concern and I don’t want to slow down your website like many plugin do.

To do the migration from the old plugin to the new one simply follow the instructions in your admin panel. When you update ItalyStrap plugin to the version 2.7, you will see a notice with the indication on how to migrate, click the link on the notice and install ACM Advanced Control Manager from the search page in your admin area.

If you have the old version of ItalyStrap Theme Framework (before 4.0.0-beta.3) you can get both plugins active, no error will be shown, if you don’t have ItalyStrap Theme Framework but you use another theme, you can simply deactivate the old one and and activate ACM.

Always do a backup first, and do an export of the plugin settings before deleting it… just in case :-).

ACM will not bloat your site because it is developed with performances in mind, it uses OOP autoloading for lazy loading every funcionality and you can always select which functionality you want to load, it will never load what you don’t want to.

ACM is also the core plugin for ItalyStrap Theme Framework, the plugin extends the power of the framework.Without ACM the framework cant work.

You can read all the new features in the changelog file here.

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