ItalyStrap, a theme framework for WordPress, open source and open community

Raise the sun of hope on the world of web development.
Give developers something to believe.
Making web sites a zen experience.

We do not have such ambitious goals, nearly

ItalyStrap is a free WordPress theme framework created to simplify the lives of web developers and anyone who has to deal with the development of a web site. Its main benefits are:

  • flexibility;
  • Code quality.

ItalyStrap is, above all, a community project, in line with its open source nature. Become a part of it for a better work and even to feel less alone.

The ItalyStrap’s community
Anyone can be a part of the community, both developers who have breakfast with eggs, bacon and code that people who want to create their own website.

The goal is to share. But what? Everything! Questions and answers, doubts and granite certainties, problems and solutions, all that can grow and improve ItalyStrap and its users.

Obviously you need a gathering place, this place exists and is easy to reach for everyone: it’s our forum. Here you will meet many developers (and not) from all over the world.

By the way, ItalyStrap is a WordPress Italian framework, or better, it is Developed in Italy (with love) but wants to be an international project.

The WordPress ItalyStrap template store
ItalyStrap’s first goal is creating a community around the open source project, but we could do more and we chose to do so: we built a responsive template store for WordPress and also child themes created to customize the parent theme.

They are professional WordPress themes suitable for the most varied projects, from the corporate website to the e-commerce projects (ItalyStrap supports WooCommerce), wherewith you can give your websites an eye-catching design also optimized for all devices.

We’ve introduced ItalyStrap, now it’s up to you to deepen your knowledge. Get involved!

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