ItalyStrap community‘s guidelines

It takes three things for creating a community: people, participation, and guidelines that tell people how to participate and how to do it. Here are the 7 points guidelines in 7 points of ItalyStrap.

  1. The ItalyStrap community is open to all, professional developers and developers by chance.
  2. The value of the community is sharing and it’s based on an open source project. The goal is to grow with other people who have your own dream: create web sites with WordPress without stress (or almost without it).
  3. You can grow the community  even by asking questions (possibly not on the meaning of life, because we already know that the answer is 42) …
  4. but if you contribute to the writing of the theme framework code, we will love you so much.
  5. We will love you even more if, when you distribute the versions you developed, you will remember that one of the main strengths of this framework is the code quality, that is written using very precise standards including those required by WordPress itself.
  6. Other ways to participate: translation of strings in various languages, bug reporting, add-on feature request, forum moderation …
  7. ItalyStrap is not the Fight Club: you can talk about what you want, where you want and with whomever you want. Speaking of it is the best thing you can do for the community.

Join the ItalyStrap community and get involved!

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